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Wait untill its done, I'd go with black flamed maple though.

Nothing wrong with the martin style, but I've been turned over onto the double action ones. If you have a 1/2 router bit use the martin, if you need to buy a new bit anyways get the hot rod and a 1/4 inch bit.
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Yeah... a black flamed maple pickguard would kick ass. how thin? .4mm? Were can I get that?

I'm goign with the martin truss rod. wouldbe quite dumb to order a new one, when already paid one 13$. also, it will allow me to do the neck much sooner, since I won't have to wait for the new one.
maybe 4mm
Just get a slice of flamed maple/scrap? You could also get veneer and glue it onto some other wood leftover.

Make sure you put it in the right way!
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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Yeah, I had ideas of veneering the body, since the three piece body is really damn obvious, and the threee separate planks aren't very centered... I could aply a veneer to the body, then cut out the part that will be under the pickguard and use it as a pickguard, laminated on some other wood. Would be nice. Or just use the veneer for the pickguard and not veneer the body. We'll see.

Also, nothing is confirmed but I will probably be doing the cavities and final sanding on the body during march break, as well as starting on the neck.
I just realized the template I used wasn't completely right:
As you can see, the treble side below the waist is fatter then it should be. It makes it looks deformed

Comparing with a true PRS template, i realized mine was just not a little bit off.

I'll redo this part of the template, then reroute this side of the body, THEN reround the edges, then do some sanding. Don't know how it will look, i just hope I wont mess anything up...
If you haven't already re-done it, I'd say since it's a PRS-clone, not made BY PRS, made by YOU, screw their measurements :P Being a little bit off doesn't make it a fail. Ya liked how it was coming along before you saw the template was off, right? Looked pretty good to me.

p.s. After reading the last sentence in your sig, I flashback'd to my dads' apartment, 15w spider 3 plugged in straight from output to input of 75w spider 3, bc rich avenge son of beast, unholy confessions. Is there an expiration date on how long someone has to fail after that? It has been a few years since I last scooped mids...
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I will be honest: Avenged is one of my favorite bands. And I would say that their very best is Waking the Fallen. Damn, 'I Won't See You Tonight Part. 1' was epic... And I sure own a Spider 15w. But no B.C. Ric. The sentence is just UG's superme cliché.... :P

And I will reshape the guitar, and I even might end up redoing another body. If I do so, it will be two piece mahogany. I don't want to keep this shape because the neck won't be look straight. I will take some fat off the treble part below the waist, and maybe off the bass horn too. If it still look like crap, I'll start over the body. But this body is not complete waste: I learned that next time, I will route the shape, then the cavities, then roundover the sides, then carve the forearm cut and the belly cut. Thats the order Irt should have been done first, and now, I see that all the carving I've done now might complicate the routing.

Meh, we'll see. I'm doing the neck next time.
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just take some off the right side and smooth out the bass horn, it'll be fine.
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Worked a bit on my fret bender, almost finished. I just need to find a base, and drill it. And to buy one more ball bearing.

the only thing that was buging me out was that when the tang wheel was mounted on the base, it couldn't turn because of the nuts, and when I rolled the nuts off a bit to let it turn, it was wobly.. So I solved the problem the bearing will be stuck in the base so it will hold the wheel and the crank without keeping it from turning.
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So I reshaped the guitar, looks perfectly fine now, except that the lines between the mahogany planks won't line up with the neck when it'll be done. Oh well, it'll give it some style. Did some hand sanding with 150g all around the body, so all the edges are smooth and most of the marks from 100g machine-sanding. I'll buy some 220 this w/e end to get it ready for finish, after that, all that will need to be done is the cavities.

Next time I'll start the neck, expect some pictures.
Its got a pretty neat look, kinda like a PRS mixed with an Ibanez S.
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Really? I don't see the ibanez S there, i just took a prs and moded the shape until it looked "right". Anyways, thanks!

I'm done with the sanding, will probably get started on the neck soon. Maybe tomorow or monday, we'll see. And BTW, I rewired with actual 22 gauge wire.

Brought the neck blank home from the shop where all the tools are. With time, the mahogany took a lovely brownish color that makes me wonder if I shouldn't just go natural...

I ordered fretwire, knobs, radius block and whatnot so i should have all my parts in a month.
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Sorry, the camera on my ipod is probably the bast camera around... maybe this weekend, i will be able to bring the wood at my father and have some nice pictures.

After seeing the wood wet, I'm really tempted by a high gloss natural finish on this one. The water made the wood all iridescent and shiny, it was wonderful. What would be nice with this is an ebony pickguard, to match the fretboard.
I really think you should go for a clear finish. Putting a solid colour on such a beautfiul guitar is a sin.

Someone else on the forums did a PRS style headstock with a thin piece of ebony glued on top and rounded at the edges. It looked amazing and I'll try and see if I can find the thread.

Lookin' good.
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I'll post updates when there will be something to update^^ I'm thinking of clear finish, yeah. But I should do the neck by the end of the summer.Thinking of black stained flame maple veneer for the pickguard as well.
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I'm not entirely convinced about a transparent finish to be honest; I don't really like looking at a 3-piece body with a natural finish. I think if you were to go clear it would probably benefit from some kind of veneer.

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Yeah, that was one of my concerns too. But its such a beautiful piece of wood... would be a shame to cover it. I'll see.
I reckon if you shove a veneer on the front, you will still be able to see the nice wood grain from the back and sides

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I don't know, I'll probably just clearcoat it. So what if its a three piece, its three beautiful piece.
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One thing is sure, I'm not going on a opaque finish. But i still have another option, wich is scarlet smokeburst with a veneer.

I tried a couple Teles at a store, and I loved the neck. The teles I tried were one thinline and one Squier Custom, does anyone have the measurment?
Funnily enough I don't actually happen to have any engineering drawings of a squier telecaster neck. I do have an e-drawing of a browning 1911 though if that would help?

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Nick, where did you find that 'true' PRS template? I was looking for one the other day but couldn't find one anywhere. You got a link?
I don't want to sound stupid, but where do I actually download that?

I can only find links to download B1 Archiver, iLivid, and eType
That just seems to refresh the page for me and adds '?cau2=403tNull' to the URL :\
I never thought to try a different browser

Anyway, thanks a bunch, both of you
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