I have a quick question. I'm doing compound interest, which is simple stuff, except my calculator's being a pain in the ass. For some reason it's giving me a weird answer when I try to do it. So the question is:
"An investement earns 9%. Calculate i and n when the interest is compounded. b) semi-annually for 6 years." n = 12, I can figure that out. When I try to determine i (by doing 0.09 divided by 12, which is how you solve for i, I get 7.5 with a small x10 beside it and -03 where an exponent would be. When the same equation is entered in a friend's calculator, it works, but that's what I get when I use mine. How do I either fix this, or get the right answer from that (which is 0.0045, back of the book)

There should be a tiny reset button on the back, just press that. Either that or make sure the mode is Deg and not Rad or something.

7.5x10 -03 = 0.0075

EDIT: also the book is wrong or your method of finding i is
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