13-62 gauge for B Standard/Drop A on a 25.5" guitar or a 27" baritone guitar?

Which scale do you think it works best for? And what would be your preferred gauges for each guitar?
Well I like light gauges for my tunings, I use 13-62 for drop G# on a 25.5 so you should be fine with it on a 25.5. You can probably go up to 12s if you are using a 27, the longer scale will increase string tension.
yea i used that set guage for drop G# too maybe u should go a step higher?

*EDIT* my source for this suggestion is the wierd noises my tuners make when i tune to B with this gauge
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I used 12-58 for B standard/Drop A and that was as heavy as I needed. 13's on a 27" would be a bit excessive I think. I do like a heavy (.062) B string on my 7 string (25.5 scale) though.
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