OKay, so I've been using this pedal for awhile in my band. The only problem I have is that in order to get to the tap function, I have to hold the pedal down.

This is frustrating because that also activates the delay and so I need to stop playing in order to setup the tap tempo. Is there an expression pedal or something like that to plug into the DD-7 to tap out the tempo while playing something else, wihtout activating the delay? I need it so I can set the delay speed and then activate the delay when it needs to come in.

If not, what pedals can I look at around the same price range of the dd-7?
The NOVA Repeater is on sale at Musician's Friend. It's got a built-in tap tempo switch (something I'd never get a delay pedal without). I've got the NOVA Delay and it's killer, so I imagine the Repeater would be, as well.
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i too own this pedal. it has a jck to plug in a footswitch to do the tempo. boss has a couple single footswitches one that doesn't latch so you can just tap away at it. i personal don't worry about the tap tempo much so i don't have the switch but i would imagine that you could set the tempo without activating the pedal.
Yeah, don't buy another delay. Any non-latching footswitch can be plugged in to give you an external tap tempo. That's probably $20 for the switch and $3 for a patch cable to go to it. No need to spend three figures on a new pedal.
if you are up for a bit of a challenge, you can build a little footswitch for it for really cheap
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