Thats all I can think of...

Lemme tell you about myself

I am an amateur guitar player
I own the rookie Squire Stratocaster model and barely know anything about it
I listen to a lot of rock music and have been influenced for over two years now and I LOVE it!
I did grow up listening to The Beatles but thats about it
I am very eager to play
It seems like a lot of fun to play a guitar and im willing to put every second,every minuite and every hour of my 7 short days day to sharpen my skills
I hope to grow up to be a great guitar player like all us noobie punks but...
I'm not hoping to get any fame or fortune off my guitar skills
I just want to play and express myself
Maybe a gig here or two in the future to influence but thats it...

As for my skills
I am still working on my chords and finger placement
Any help is appreciated

I guess thats my introduction
Besides that
Im here to improve my skills and make some friends
Hopefully maybe jam sometime
Not to make me sound cheesy or anything
Thanks for listening
I hope to have a good time here at U-G Forums
Thanks again
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