Hey guys, I consider myself an intermediate/advanced guitar player but there are a few things I don't know, mainly terms and I have no experience with tube amps. Also I want to start gigging with my band and need to know what I need.

Here are a few things I don't know the meanings of:
Guitar Licks
Power Amp

I don't know much about tube amps except that they're used by pros/advanced players. And they're mostly used for their gain. So explain to me the basics of them: tubes, power amp, pre-amp, maintanance, etc...

As for the amp I need a good/great amp that can fill anywhere from an Applebee's to a Convention(Comic-con)/Theatre(Where you see plays) that is around 600-800$, so suggest away. Preferably a tube amp.
I'm going to close this and direct you to this thread:


Read it over, and if you have any more questions, post a new thread over in GG&A.
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