I use amplitube and reaper. If I am in the process of recording and want to switch to a clean preset or some other preset how can I do that? do i need some kind of footswitch? If so, what is a good cheap one?
Um, no. You just stop playing during the clean part, and then continue with that setting after the clean part. Then make a new track, set up your clean tone, and record that track in the spot you left "empty" for the clean guitar, and record it in that time slot, and presto. So you'll have two guitar tracks, one, say, distorted, and one clean, both in different time slots.
no like what if I am just recording a lead part on one track. Say the lead part is clean and then I want to kick in the distortion in the next bar.
Amplitude sounds pretty lame then. Even Guitar Pro 6 lets you do that on the same track.

Are you sure you can't automate effects setting changes with Amplitude?

I thought I saw someone on YouTube reproduce the Muse MOP effect of pitch shifting an octave or two every 8th or 16th note with Amplitude. That would just be a slightly more complicated, but involve the same principle.

I did the same thing with cakewalk using MIDI to control my whammy pedal.

Maybe the demo I saw was done with Guitar Rig, and not Amplitude, but I thought they were similar. Anyway good luck.
You can probably automate it in the automation section of reaper.

But honestly there is no real need too do the whole thing in one take.
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