Well... maybe not odd as such... maybe inadvertant, accidental or unforseen would be better....
Anyways, to the point- with a fairly limited pedal board (TS9, Flynn Treble Booster, MXR dist 3 my newly acquired EHX Memory Toy I have found that using two pedals in tandem can create some pretty cool sounds. Maybe this is common practice, but for me it's been something of a revelation.
USing the treble booster and the MXR gives some really nice hard overdriven tones, and with my LP on the neck pup with the tone rolled back its an insane almost synth like sound with serious amounts of sustain... almost to the Parisienne Walkways extent!
Not fussed about the TB and the TS9 together, but with volume and pup control it can be interesting, similar with the TS9 and the MXR, although it can get muddy.
By far my favourite of the combination of sounds i can get with this setup is the first mentioned.
The amp is a Vox ac15 (not the new ones, one of the mid 90s made in england jobbies) and the volume is usually pretty low, but I have used the MXR/TB combo in a gig and been complimented on the tone, so it seems to be better at higher volumes (as opposed to feedbacky and muddy, which can happen)

Was just wondering if anybody else has done anything similar?
has anybody else used pedals (particularly OD/Dist) together and been suprised with the outcome?
I've used the MXR WYlde pedal in combination with a boss blues driver. I used the blues driver for the gain and MXR to finetune the sound, it came out pretty smooth.
Chorus pedal before a whammy. Instant gameboy tone.
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