sitting on the soapbox
summer ends
(the betweens)
Charlie looks at me
asks about the also-rans, the beautiful losers
would be presidents and our unlikely futures
i spit dead leaves in earnest
trying to earn my place next to her
i shake my head, look for the words
but somewhere between the drinks of Jameson, she says
'i know, i know, i know, you're drunk.
try not to fall asleep in the flowerbed.'
(if the best things haven't happened yet
i like to think that they're on their way.)

we come down at dawn
North Carolina talks but i got to sleep.
i got work tomorrow or today or sometime between
i pull Charlie close to me before she leaves
(what's between us? everything and still not much)
early morning drunk and touch and barely say
'i know the best things haven't happened yet
but i like to think that you're on your way.'
Well I thought it was nice. You definitely had your own unique style come through in this piece. I like the rather "strange" lines that happen to fit so well ("I spit dead leaves at earnest") and you really brought the main theme and everything across well. It's relateable yet still incredibly personal. Great job. Do you have music written for it?