Okay, so my band "Virtues must live" have just finished recording an EP. One of the first things we were asked at the studio was what sort of sound do you have.

One of us said we sound like foo fighters, But i disagreed. One of us said pop-punk. He was shot down immediately by pretty much everyone else in the band. I said we kind of had elements of the sort of scene that taking back sunday and (dare i say it) my chemical romance came from. But a little bit less whiney.

Which led to a debate which ended in us all disagreeing.

So my question is this.

What genre is our band.
Foo fighters Meets taking back Sunday. is pretty close so rock or alt rock maybe?
You got a bit of everything. Even the guy that said that it's pop-punk wasn't veeeeeeery far. It's got elements of it but I think closer would be alt rock.
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