Great recording man! I like how it gets more and more intense towards the end. Maybe try cutting a little of the delay sometimes it gets a little crowded and hard to enjoy. Keep up the good work.

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Really recording enjoyed it very flowly and the delay effect is nice. Maybe a compressor would balance out the sounds and take of the edge. I could have listened to more for sure.

Cheers for the crit man

The intro melody is really nice - I love the tone and the tonality. The development of the chords works really well too, reminds me of some sort of euphoric post-rock.

You could definitely develop this much further than you have done and make a whole song. The musical ideas you have in here are great - it would be really nice to see some more layers and the song evolve further
It was nice, I liked the melodies and chord sequences, but there wasn't much to it. This could be like an intro/intermission track leading to a big grand intro of another song or something. I'd like to see this lead somewhere, or perhaps just flesh this out a bit and make a bit more happen because it's a nice foundation.

c4c? You can choose either, or both