I have been wondering what the sound effects would be if i took the emgs and turned them 180 degrees. i have an 81b/85n + pa2...does anybody know what would happen to the sound if i tried this?...ANY response will be greatly appreciated.

I don't think it would make a difference, because EMGs use bar magnets.
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With the regular 81/85 I highly doubt that there will be any difference as Offworld said.

I think the reason (though I could be wrong) why an 89 would sound slightly different (only when coil-tapped) is because the coils are aligned like this:
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It would make more difference for you to 18v mod them.
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It would make more difference for you to 18v mod them.

I have modded all my EMG 81/85 to 18V. DO IT. DO IT NOW
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how much would it cost to 18 volt mod them? the battery cavity is only large enough for a single 9 volt...