Hi. A bandmate recently gave me a humbucker which I want to put into one of my guitars, but it's used and someone has cut the wire pretty short.

My plan for adding wire was simply to make some wire twists with solder over them, and then covering all of that with heatshrink wrap. Should doing it like this have any effect on the tone of the pickup (ie. from added resistance)?

I've never had to add wire to a pickup before, so I just don't know how this will affect things. It's not a classic, vintage humbucker, so if worse comes to worse I could probably just scrap it and get a new one.

i think you should be a-ok in regards to tone. i dont think it will effect it much and further more if it does i dont think you will be able to tell
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Why not remove the entire wire and resolder a new one in it's place?
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Thanks for the responses! I hadn't thought of the just reconnecting of a new wire. It's a passive EMG, so I'm not actually sure how many wires are involved. I'll probably just do that, but even if I get lazy and just add to the wire, I'm thinking it will sound okay. Thanks again!