I really want the ESP LTD KH-602! But I have to wait maybe a year or two to buying it. My question is: Is this guitar available to buy for a long time forward? So I may buy it whenever I want to?

Just saw someone who are going to sell his KH-602, and I don't even know if it's possible to buy it in a music shop now :P

Looking forward to some good information, Thank you!
Thanx :P
Good at guitar not computers :v

So it's still available after some some few years? If I understands it correct...
It maybe available new in a another yr or two, but if not you can always get it used.

Kinda a retarded question to ask this forum for advice on a 1+ yr future purchase.
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We don't really have any way at all of knowing whether a guitar company is going to stop production of a certain model. Don't worry about it too much though. Two years is a long time to have your eyes on one guitar. It's likely you will have changed your mind by then.
It's probably still going to be on sale.

Hammet is a longtime ESP endorser and I see the LTD 602 as an important part of the whole KH line-up that ESP offers
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