Hey guys, I've currently got an Ibanez RG350MDX that I bought about 2 years ago now, I'm looking for an upgrade. The guitar cost me £300 (discounted from £350), I'm looking to get an upgrade now and I just want to find a budget. Should I spend about £300 again, or more like £400? I really don't want to go any higher than £500.

I'm looking into Epis, Fenders mostly. I just want a great clean sound with a real, punchy, thick distorted sound. Any suggestions?

A Floyd Rose is a big big no no for me now, I've learned from my mistakes lets just say =P
at 300 your not really getting an upgrade so much as a different guitar
i say if you can go the 500 route and you could afford a decent fender probably a mim or used mia
Floyds aren't too bad. Problem with your guitar is it has an Edge III and those ARE bad since the knife edges are too soft and they wear down quickly. A good Floyd is no problem, unless you're someone who changes tunings a lot.

You've been a bit vague with what you want so I won't pretend to be able to suggest specific guitars to you, but you probably are looking at spending AT LEAST £500 to get something that is any kind of real upgrade over what you have now. Your guitar costs between £300-£400 depending on whether you buy it online or in a shop, right. So to get a guitar that is a significant improvement you're probably looking at about £500-£600 second hand, £600-£700 new. With these things the quality jumps are every £200 or so. If oyu just want something DIFFERENT to what you have but you were okay with having the same sort of build quality and parts quality then £300-£500 would be fine to get most of the standard Fenders, Epis, ESPs, Ibanezes, Schecters, that sort of thing. But different does not always equal better. if BETTER is what you want you'll need to spend a bit more or keep your fingers crossed you stumble across a total bargain on ebay or something. Musical instruments ain't cheap. Good ones are going to cost you.