So when i improvise my solos sound pretty good, but when i listen to the the recorded improv afterwards it sounds pretty terrible. Alot of stuff sounds pretty offbeat. Why is this happening? How can i practice it when i only hear the mistakes after i have recorded the solo?
1. Make sure you have the metronome loud enough to hear over your guitar
2. Practice
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Most guitar players tend to be a bit ahead of the beat. Try to record yourself hitting just a single note to a beat. You should be able to hear whether you're ahead or behind. If you're ahead, try to consciously push yourself to play a bit behind, to hit the note just a little later. Record that, and check how it sounds. It's good practice to keep yourself very conscious of the beat like that. This is actually a very common problem, you can hear a lot of youtubers being so offbeat that it sounds pretty terrible. But to hear someone with good timing, you can really feel the beat. It's a rare treat.
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Ultimately, this is about practice, practice, practice. It's pretty common to get off beat the moment you start thinking about more complicated things. Practice with a metronome - not just scales, but riffs and chord progressions, too. And set your metronome so it doesn't give you every beat. Maybe every second or third beat.
what you should do is maybe just play quarter notes on beat for bit before you move on.
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This usually happens when you can't hear the other instruments. I suffer from it immensely if I can't hear the rhythm or drums. Try using a louder metronome
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But, in the meantime -- add rhythm practices to your daily routine. A metronome works great. Quarter notes, 8th notes, 8th triplets, 16th notes, dotted 8ths, mix and match. It is also helpful, IMO, to play along with some sort of drum machine/MIDI loop.
You didn't say what you're listening to...

If you're listening to a beat on the computer, I would say your problem is latency in recording.
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Are you using Audacity? I've found Audacity has some latency built in whenever it records.