At 2:13, you see the bassist of The Black Dahlia Murder jamming around and I love that tone (if you've listened to the latest TBDM album it's quite noticeable).

Anywho, does anyone have a clue how I can get that sort of tone? What sort of amp/settings would I need to get that sort of tone? If it helps, I always use my fingers, not a pick when playing bass. I'm currently using my mom's Thunderbird bass, but I've been wanting to get my own for some time, so any recommendations?

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seems like a bit of playing hard, heavy treble, maybe some drive or even fuzz.

an Ibanez would probably be better for that kind sound. like an SR? or a Zon but you may have to sell your private jet to buy it.
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I definitely hear some fuzz, or something in there as well.
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Alright thanks a lot I'm quite a big Ibanez fan so I'm happy that you guys suggested Ibanez

I got another question that I didn't think of yesterday: what kind of desktop recording interfaces do you guys use (if you do)? I got a Line 6 Pod XT Live and it can record bass but I've been thinking of upgrading anyway. Thanks again
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In my time i've used a POD X3, a Tascam Ul144, and a Presonus Firestudio.

I've honestly found them all to be pretty good. The Firestudio has been the best, both in terms of being able to multitrack 8 tracks and act as a very simple mixer, and practically zero latency recording.