surfing craigslist I found this Crate TDP two channel tube preamp with compressor for $50. Unable to resist I looked it up and went and got it. From what little I could find on it, they are discontinued and rare, mostly used by black/death metal guitarists. Anyways I figured I'd give this a shot on my bass rig before investing in a sansamp and equalizers for a good doom grind.
Couple questions being new to rack gear and preamps.

1. If I am using say my GK MB200 head, would I just put this in like a pedal just on the top of my stack, and plug the out into the input of the GK head?

2. Can I use like my little 6 inch guitar/pedal cables or will it require a speaker grade cable?

3. Can I turn this on accidentally unplugged from a amp and it be ok? It has FET buffers, and I don't intend to do this for fun, just making sure

EDIT: here's a guy/girl using it to record a guitar and a Bass directly

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Yes to 1 and 2; you can front-load it into your amp just like a pedal and you can use your 6" cables to hook it up. As for #3, I don't know. The link to the owner's manual on the Crate website is broken. It shouldn't hurt it, though.
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