I can not find tabs for a song "Borderline-goodbye yestarday acustic version

cavalcade exactly, I took some notes, but the problem is the fingering that starts at (0:42) I can't not get it by ear! the chords are C # Bb Gb.. and i cant find the the initial ground music...

you can make the tab of this song to me please?
My point was that you should probably be able to make a tab yourself.
That's why nobody will answer you- it simply isn't worth their time.
dude!I am not a professional musician I play only 1 year, if I could take this song for myself you think I'd be here asking for help for others??? .. anyway you can help me or not?
You don't have to be a professional musician to figure out simple chord progressions from ear. In fact, after playing for a year, you should probably be able to do that already.
OMG!!!bro I know my English is not very good, but you don't understand what I mean?I figure These 3 chords by ear .. WHAT I'M NOT FIGURE OUT IS THE FINGERING !!!!if this music is so simple then why do not you help me?
It's not your writing that needs help so much as reading. Specifically, the part where I said "it's not worth our time".
As the saying goes, give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime. What I'm doing is teaching you to "fish", or more literally, figure it out yourself instead of running to the forums every single time.
Consider the possibility that the guitarist is either using a capo or downtuning, and please, if you want anyone to help you at all (as I just did), don't explode into a fit of rage every time they give you advice.

Oh, and before you rage about this post, read all of it. Slowly.
cavalcade anyway you do not agree with me that to teach a person to "fish" we first need to explain to the person as is fishing? until now you had not explained to me anything about the music. and
how are you going to teach me to "fish"? being that I live practically in the other side of world??at least you gave me some advice about the music! thx!! and

and I burst into angry bro!.. I just stay a little nervous because I'm here asking for help, and you tell me to learn for myself if I had been able to discover the parts of songs that missing, I would not be here asking for help to anyone...

anyway I apologize if you understood that I was nervous
You don't have to be next to a person to teach them something. From "practically in the other side of world", I told you to consider that he might be using a capo or alternate tuning.