Poll: Should band members have more than one band?
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Hell yeah
68 72%
**** no
27 28%
Voters: 95.
Do you guys think band members should have multiple bands?
I really dont like it, cant explain why, it just bugs the hell outta me.
Poll on the way
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it depends if they can handle it or not.
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where's the indifferent option?
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where's the indifferent option?

more importantly, where's the "it depends on the individual situation" option?

black and white poll is black and white.
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The question implies should every musician play in only one band at a time. Of course no.
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You are part of the rebel alliance, and a traitor.

I think it would be a good thing to do as long as the bands worked in different genres.
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My drummer is in two bands, second guitarist has his own electronic something or other project, I have my own acoustic and folk project with said guitarist and the bassist occasionally observes Whales as a hobby. Yeah, you can do it, but there's a limit.
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If its only temporary and experimental, then hell yeah. go for it
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If they can handle it, then sure. But the question implies it's some kind of obligation.
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you're not really as old as you say you are on your profile, now are you?
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I juggle two bands and a solo-project. It's refreshing to know that whatever you write at least one band will have a use for it.
🙈 🙉 🙊
No joke, I've had two bands play at the same event.

One bandmate didn't really like a bandmate in the other group so that was soooo awkward for me...
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I play in a couple different groups. One of them is a metal outfit and the other is more of a mainstream rock type of group. The reason I'm doing it is because I see it as a learning experience. I've spent the majority of my time learning how to play primarily metal since I picked up the instrument. I see me playing in both groups as a way for me to keep my chops up in the heavier styles of music and expanding my skills into a territory that I haven't spent any real amount of time in.
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Don't see why not. As long as they stay committed to both and don't prioritize one over the other unless one starts to take off.
I like the idea of this happening. As long as it doesn't get to black metal levels of main band, side project, other side project, solo project, and endless amounts of guest vocal spots.
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I play in two bands.

I write, play guitar, and sing for one, and I'm auditioning for a second Saturday... Not to mention the number of one-off projects of all different genres I'm working on with other friends. Then there's contributing to this site's acoustic album...

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I don't know. If they haven't made it big yet, then there's the dilemma of which one does he focus with and how he handles the one that doesn't make it far.

Depends entirely on the situation.
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Yeah I play bass in a sort of metal band right now, but I don't have any role as a songwriter.

I'd like to start another more punk based band so that I have an outlet for my songs and that I can sing in.
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Not much room for choice in this poll...

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I don't see a problem as long as they actually put their full effort into them when necessary.
I think it's good to have 1 creative outlet and 1 band you join for performance aspect.

So yeah, a main band and side project is a good thing imo.