hi! im luna and im creating this thread for songwriters and young musician to be able to share there songs for constructive criticism all songs are welcome any style any difficulty be it something unbelievably complex or a simple chord progression lets hear em folks!
I see this getting locked.
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I picked up my guitar this morning and started playing next thing i know i cant stop playing In the key of A, the first letter or her name, I ended up recording a whole song in A.

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This is what the Recordings forum is for...
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this isn't about the recodings its about the theory although similar this is more in depth where you can analyze and alter anothers tab and share your alterations with them in order to assist with song writing and learning theory all i ask is that when you make an alteration include a detailed description of what you changed and if your feeling nice how it can be applied
Hi Luna,

I'm just going to go ahead and report this before people start coming here rather than going to the Recording Forum, which is pretty much this thread summed up.


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There are also songwriting and lyrics forums.

Lots of space for these kinds of discussions for whatever suits your purposes.

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