So I have a question here that might be obvious but i cant figure out how to do it.

i want to have two outputs for reaper for recording and playback.

Currently right now in order to record i have to go to the preferences, select my usb condenser as the output(This way it plays the recordings through the mic which has a headphone jack on it that i use to listen back to the track, record, go back into preferences, set the output to my speakers, and then listen to it through the speakers so i can really hear what it sounds like, cuz listening to it thorough headphones isn't very accurate.

Is there a simple way where it can just play them at the same time???

Any insight would be mucho appreciated.



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try clicking on "i/o" button on the master fader and adding track channels to 4. Then mess around with the audio hardware outputs section. (Drop down box.)

Also try posting your question on the reaper forum at

www.reaper.fm click on forum
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your mic is involved in playback?

"outputs" can mean a lot. you mean you want to hear what you're tracking while you're recording it?

Reaper is a great DAW and I've love to help you out anytime. Hit me up via email!
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