I'm going strictly pedal shopping tomorrow and was looking for a little help on what to get. I've always just played for fun but I'm looking to really start playing more live gigs and recording when I can. I play alot of bluesy-rock and alternative as well as jazz; all with a Deluxe Roadhouse Strat through a Fender Frontman 212r. I really am pretty pathetic in terms of knowing what pedals do what, and I don't have any as of yet, so now I'm here! When I'm ****ing around with effects on my amp I like alot of reverb with heavier gain and bass, always toggled on the neck pickup; I know I like the guitar of Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, John Frusciante of the Chili Peppers, and Jack White of The White Stripes. Finally, I am in college so best quality without robbing me clean would be preferred. Thanks!
you would love the awesome & vintage tone (also bottom heavy) of the big muff
jack white uses it in conjuction with lots and lots of other pedals (like the POG, digitech whammy)

anyways.. I'm sure the first thing you should get is the big muff.. it also increases your sustain..

a few other things I would add:
memory man/ or boy (depending in your budget)
535Q crybaby wah-wah
mxr compressor

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Get a Big Muff and a Verbzilla and you'll be good for a while. You might also like the Holy Grail reverb but I think it doesn't sound as good with really long decay times.

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hey. I also have a 212r :P

other pedals you might want to try:
proco rat II (indie-ish distortion)
lpb-1 (linear power booster) it's perfect for boosting up solos

and remember you always need a power source for all these effects..
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Its gonna hurt.
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Unless its electronic drums.

You never stated your budget, but here are some good quality pedals at very affordable prices that I'd reccommend.

Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive
Boss DD3 Digital Delay
Line 6 Verbzilla Reverb
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
MXR 6 band EQ

If you can afford to spend more give me a buzz!
Tuner first, EQ second, and maybe then OD, wah and distortion. Also consider a pedalboard soon and a good power supply for them.

For deeper tones maybe get an Ibanez TS9DX for the OD and a Boss MD-2 for distortion. For the wah, go try a few out and decide. I have a Cry Baby KH sig., but it's not a real deep tone. I think there are better for the type of tone you want. EQ, an MXR 10 band (M-108) and for a tuner.....? Lots of good tuners out there. I prefer the Planet Waves Tru Strobe for it's accuracy and cost. I love the fact that it displays all the notes you play.

DO NOT cheap out on the power supply, it will haunt you.
What you really need is a new amp.

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strictly pedal shopping will not end well for you young man.
skip the overdrives as they won't work well with your amp. check out a few distortion units for beginners but you will have to play them through the clean channel of your amp for best results. i'd look into a wah for sure and perhaps a delay as all those are good fro the stuff you play.
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I'm thinking of getting this amp. I'm looking for a nice solidstate amp that sounds good clean, and with dirt pedals over the clean channel. I don't care for the distortion channel of the amp. This amp (the frontman 212r) should be just that, right?

You'd be better off with a used Valveking, but let's not derail this thread.
The muff could easily get you black keys tone. I'd look at a fuzz though.

And depending on your budget, get a pog.