Ey there fellas, I'm kinda confused about the Fredrik Nordstrom's micing technique with 2 SM57's forming an arrow, one straight on the dustcap and the other on off-axis. This technique was used on almost all of his recordings, especially the best appliance on In Flames' Colony and Clayman albums.

I'm trying to replicate the sound by using RedWirez Impulse Responses with MixIR2 convolution software included in the pack. I'm currently using the ENGL Pro V30 simulation in order to be as close as I can to the sound, but I'm kinda confused about one thing;

I know that the first SM57 is facing directly the dustcap on the speaker, but what about the off-axis one? Is it directed on the dustcap too, or the dustcap's edge, the cone, or the edge of the cone. And what's the distance of the microphones from the speakers, ala how many inches? I suppose if I can clear these out, I might be getting closer to the Clayman tone.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Doesn't really matter which end the off-axis mic is pointing towards, it's just a preference to what tone you're looking for. As far as distance, that's preference as well, though I've usually only seen the technique used in very close settings (~1 inch from the grille on the one that's on-axis). I usually do it like diagram C in this picture (though, I flip it to the other side of the speaker, only because I'm right handed and that makes better sense ), for a more balanced tone, but Fredman uses B.

The biggest factor is that your mics are in phase with each other, otherwise you will achieve a hollow sound that is unpleasant to the ear.
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This 22 page thread may help you immensely. It's an in-depth talk on the Guitar sound on Clayman by In Flames, which uses Fredman micing.

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Aye I know the thread on ultimate-metal, thats a very useful topic alright. I saw Glenn's clip on page 19 or something, he 100% NAILED the Clayman tone using the same equipment, and I shat my pants when I heard that clip.

I tried using the C diagram on the pics that MatrixClaw posted, well it's close, it does have the swedish sound written all over it, but still no cookie, since i'm using impulse responses after all. I guess I gotta try when I get myself a 2x12 ENGL V30 cab and an SM57.
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I'm trying to replicate the sound by using RedWirez Impulse Responses with MixIR2 convolution software included in the pack.

Well there's the problem :P
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