Hi, I recently bought a Roland Cube 80X. It has a very anoying sandy like sound when I use gain. I have tried everything, plugging it into a different power socket, using a different guitar, (Fender US strat and Tokay love rock) unplugging all wireless equipment etc.
When I use a headphone the amp jut sounds great.
I took it to the dealer were I bought it and no problem over there.
Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be???
so it worked fine at the shop but not at your house?

have you had any trouble with other amps at your house?
If it works fine with headphones then you have a faulty speaker, sire.
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If it works fine with headphones then you have a faulty speaker, sire.

he said that it works fine at the shop he bought it from

i would ask the shop to exchange it for another one if i were you.
Try plugging it into a different outlet, could be your power source.
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he said he already did, that's odd, it's got to be something with the sockets in your house if it sounded fine in the store.
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are you plugging in to a power brick or right into the wall? make sure your not plugged into some sort of extender
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