So I took my guitar to a shop to get tuned up and restrung with .12's in c standard tuning. When I played around with it the strings still seem alittle loose. I was wondering is there anyway I could make it feel alittle more "tight". Will higher action work?
Higher action is never the way to go... Not if you like to solo. I'd up the string gauge and leave the action nice and low.
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you didn't state what model of guitar this is, but will throw this in anyway.

if it has a two piece stop tail piece, you can tighten (turn to right) the tail piece without altering action, although you may want to reset the truss rod if turning a lot, and your intonation could also be off.

i do this with my gibsons.
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No real way without ****ing up your intonation or neck really, Just use thicker strings.

12-52 Should be fine, or even a .54 should be perfect for C.
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I play a drop C and use a 10 - 56 on an ESP but the rest of my guitars are 10 - 52

Might i add, strings are pretty loose and the 56 seems very thick and kinda overpowering to the sound and im thinkin i might go back to a .52
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My guitar is currently in C standard, I use 12-56 strings.

Normally I use those for drop C, so I might bump it up a notch to 13-56, I like very taut strings.

The 56 also seems JUST thick enough to drop to A#, and the little bit of flub it has actually makes it BETTER for djent-style picking/playing. And of course sludge.. Baroness style.

I'm using a 25.5" scale guitar. If you're using 24.75", you might need to get even thicker to keep good tension. Do you normally prefer 9's or 10's in standard?
What kind of strings would you suggest for a Schecter Hellraiser C1 to go with C or Drop C tuning?