Epitaph - really well recorded the guitar is lovely but I think you need to get you voice behind it a little more and give it a little bit more energy and maybe flesh out the lyrics a bit more there nothing really strong to keep my attention. Obviously it's a very accomplished musical vocals and guitar and quality recording just my ho.

Contractradition- really loved the guitar but felt the vocals didn't match exactly they work but I reckon you get a lot stronger vocal more convincing and powerful to go with the killer riffs.

Bitch - my favorite song of the three.

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Epitaph -- The vocals and lyrics sounded too much lie a folk song to me, like they didn't belong with the classic rock guitar riffs. The bass sounds good and you can hear it just the right amount. Maybe hold out those chords under the guitar solo? It sounds kind of empty with it being so palm muted is all.
Contradictions -- The intro is cool, but the delay on the 2nd guitar part seemed a little off, like it made the timing sound strange. The chugging guitar part comes in nicely . Again with myh same comment about the vocals.
Bitch -- cool simple drum opening, guitar intro sounds noice! Therest of it is really upbeat sounding, which I definately like about it. It sounds like you're angry but the same time being silly? Thebass line sounds strange to me at around 1:15-1:26

C4C? Guitar tracks/ riffs for "Unfinished" on my profile
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