It's been a while since I've posted, or even visited this forum. I've been fairly productive with making music, most recently during this past week. I made this sort of experimental and kind of strange piece of trance music, blended with some other elements. The song is a bit long (15 minutes +), so undoubtedly I am open to C4Cing your songs as well to give some incentive to check it out. The first half is much more rhythmic in nature, and second half is more melodic with a lot more of the post-rock elements coming into play. Any feedback, critiques, comments, and so on would be appreciated.

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Alright, finally got the chance to return the crit.

I wouldn't say there's anything really wrong with the first few minutes, it's just it didn't appeal to me because of the dissonance/chromaticism, but with the theme of chaos it definitely makes sense and you portrayed that very well. It's interesting for sure. I liked the subtle melodies over the chaotic background.

Even though you kept on changing the instrumentation, I couldn't help but get slightly annoyed with the fast chromatic percussion. It makes sense for the concept you have, but I think you need to make it more musically interesting still.

I preferred the second half of the song, kinda because the fast chromatic percussion stopped and the piece became a bit more melodic. The sounds you used are all pretty cool, I think some of the percussion instruments could've been better but generally, the production was good. But musically I just felt it was a bit dragged out. I know this kind of ambient music usually is, and you actually did a good job of keeping it fairly fresh. The music reflects your ideas very well, I just didn't enjoy it that much. Personal preference really. But great job though man.
The concept is very interesting. portrays chaos very well. Must have taken ages to get the mixing of all the synths and percussion down haha.

The piece builds up very nicely and I love the ambient portion of it (I just love ambience) around 9 minutes its absolutely beautiful.

Personally I would have gone without bringing back the percussion and expanding more into the ambience without it but that's just me.

Very nice


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Interesting intro. It sounds good, though gets repetitive after awhile (not easy to avoid using sequencers). What you have is good, though I would like the song to be much shorter. At ~6:00 (& 11:20) the tempo is so fast, it's a bit irritating for me. Could be good movie music though. At ~8:00 it is a welcome relief from the fast tempo synth. At around ~9:00 getting more chaotic again. Like the change at 9:20. Like it at 11:50 too. I like the guitar (?) towards the end. I like most of what you have overall. Please review my music at this link: