english version. not a direct translation. same sentiment though

three months through autumn with a slight cough;
a hundred question marks fallen and dead
on the front lawn; they tell me i ought to sleep it off
but i lay down and their faces fade to off-white walls,
as if they aren't here; and i don't care to ask
if they are or not.

golden disposition; you still feel like the dawn
in how my drunken shadows draw back their arms
and let the ring of honesty do all the talking;
my head hurts and light hurls in my open window;
squirrels and birds listen in on a branch
and shake off leaves while i ask you
'what can i do? where's the water? how are you?'

they all try to answer for you
as you buoy among us in a sundress;
the liquor you drink with us reflects
a night just as caustic, a slight, burning sheen-
like an ill-conceived kiss i leave in your pocket
and refuse to leave on your cheek.
here, My Dear, here it is
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thanks. i'm glad you were able to understand it. also, i switched up this one a little and think it's much better. thanks for reading though
here, My Dear, here it is
which isnt at all to say this one isnt great as well, just very different. sorry i didnt post on the spanish version- it was probably one of the best poems i've read on here in months. didnt have any criticism is all.

glad to know you're still kicking ass and living.

thanks again my man. i really appreciate the kind words. ill hit your next one up when you post it. and thank you all guitar kid. i appreciate the kind words
here, My Dear, here it is