So uh, hi.

Had this up on youtube for a while, not really had much attention, would be nice to hear what people think of it. A friend and I have been playing guitar together for a couple years now atleast, and have written a bunch of original stuff. We really need to get more recorded.


I notice the majority of threads have "C4C" on them... from browsing I've gathered that pretty much means "comments for comments" or something, so uh, sure I guess.
I think it sounds pretty cool, except for some small things, like when the lead comes in at the beginning before the harmonizing i think if you changed a note or two it could sound much more epic, and follow the mood of the song, but all in all good job.
All I have to say is... incredibly repetitive. It just sort of drags on, with no part in particular standing out. Nice attempt anyways.
I admire people who create their own works,but it seems lose of something,I can't tell clearly what's that. come on!
Thanks all. About the repetitiveness, I guess I see what you mean but its meant to be a song with the structure of a song, verse chorus verse chorus kind of thing. A lot of people's original music, especially metal, is in my opinion more a collection of riffs put together rather than a song. In a band I don't think that works because their can't be a flow to lyrics or an underlying chorus.
Its meant to be a song, obviously its just two guitars and no drums or bass or lyrics, but I honestly don't feel we could add more riffs in their without it becoming crowded. Its not really meant to be a show off "this is what we can do on guitar" sort of thing, but a song with a structure to it.

Thanks for the replies again though, nice to hear what people think whether its good or bad.
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It'd be a lot better if you had some drums, even if they're just midi drums from GP. It's hard to judge a song with just 2 guitars in this genre where drums play a big role.

But still, the song is very generic, sorry if that sounds harsh but I don't think there's another way to put it. I liked some of the lead lines, the breakdown/build-up bit was kinda cool, and the song had quite a good feel to it, but it's just been done so many times before that it just gets boring.

As for your comment about structure, just because a song isn't verse-chorus-verse-chorus-middle 8 etc. doesn't mean it doesn't have a structure. There are plenty of bands who don't follow that typical structure and have vocals, and those are generally the more interesting bands as well.

If you're doing metalcore, you just need to add more variation to your riffs. Generic riffs being repeated isn't good.

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