not everyone likes them but i belive they're just as important as the ramones or any other punk band ever.
For those horror punk rock fans out there the misfits have a new album out called THE DEVILS RAIN if u didn't already know. It's release date is oct. 4
I dont know how to post polls yet so this is suppossed to be one
fav misfits album
1-walk among us
2-earth a.d./wolfs blood
3-american phycho
4-static age
5- famous monsters
6-project 1950
I like both singers, but to be honest I prefer the Graves-era stuff, there's more melody.
you're a stone fox
Graves era was symbolic, for the end of their career. HEY-O!!

No but really, I enjoy practically everything by them. Danzig era especially.
the Beware EP was my favorite with We Are 138, Attitude, and Last Caress. they had a pretty big influence on Metallica, especially with the vocals.
Nerdo-sez-bo wrote:

Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

Life is one big question when your starin at the clock
And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to Freedom