So recently i have decided to pick up a bass and start playing, i've been playing guitar for 5 years now, and the whole reason i started to play guitar is because i first wanted to play bass... and now i have decided to play both... the question is, being that i still will be playing guitar alot more than the bass, what out there can i get that has a good sound but is still fairly cheap?

my friend says a starter pack is crap... which i can agree with, i started on a starter pack for guitar and found it to be much better after getting some nice gear... but i dont want to invest a buttload of money into something i dont have any intent on going full out on... just really using it for recording and also to get good at over time...

so should it be a starter pack or a cheaper amp and cheaper bass? send me links to what you would get and i'd like to keep it under $500 for both the amp and the bass combined if you can please thanks!
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what he meant was that your post was too long and he didn't read it and to answer the thread title, what you need is a bass haha. what styles of music do you need the bass for?

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i would use it for almost every kind of music... im looking at a squier affinity series p bass... and after hearing it in a couple of youtube videos it sounds alright, so i think it might be an option, but im clueless with amps... lol.
Definitely get a step up from the affinity series those suck. Stick with squier though, they make some of the best low end basses.

For an amp, I'd go with acoustic.

If you want something loud enough to to jam with friends or maybe a small venue:

or something to just play by yourself:
For $500 you could get a fairly nice setup. If you don't mind used, check pawn shops and music stores.

+1 on Squier. I also hear Ibanez for good lower budget basses.

As for amps, Acoustic and Peavey are some good brands. Ampeg has some cheap practice amps. To play by yourself about anything will do. I have a cheap 30w and its good for myself or an acoustic jam. If you plan on playing with a full band in the future you will need louder. For recording/practicing/jamming I would get 25-50w.

Just go to some stores and play a bunch of stuff. Find what feels good and sounds good to you.
I'll defend the affinity, they aren't bad play around there's at least 3 per pawn shop at any given moment. if you can get an affinity P bass under $100, an acoustic or peavey amp for $200ish 100-200 watts, and you could go to say GFS, Musicians friend and upgrade the tuners, pickguard and pickup and have a great bass. of course you could play the affinity as is, and upgrade over time. New strings too put that in your budget. with that you have a rig that can be practiced on even quietly, jammed on by you or with friends, and to an extent gigged even without a mic or DI.
a sense of rhythm to start. probably a bass and amp is next. you could check craigslist and just hodgepodge something together in your price range. i made a 400 watt full stack out of $700. though, im not sure if they sell rhythm on craigslist....
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i would use it for almost every kind of music... im looking at a squier affinity series p bass... and after hearing it in a couple of youtube videos it sounds alright, so i think it might be an option, but im clueless with amps... lol.

the pack i got had the p bass that is relly good a strap a shity 15 watt but gets the job done
Just note that the P-bass in the affinity pack has an agathis body, the one sold on its own has an alder body.
I have played many Squier basses and they are good. I have a heavily modified Bronco that's fun to play. However the bridge is crap so intonation is shoddy when it's in a tuning other than standard. I would recommend a Squier Mustang if you want something easy to start on (it's a short scale) or a Squier Jaguar if you want a full scale bass. I tried a Jaguar yesterday and I loved the sound and feel of it. Ibanez does make some pretty good cheap basses. I have a GSR200 that has active P/J pickups.
Why not get a used fender p or j or p/j bass? Maybe if you spend around $100 on an amp (b10 or rumble) you might find a used sterling if you search enough?

just my .02, not that into bass though.
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