I dont know about anyone else but, I cant seem to kick this sort of "writers block for guitar". Over the passed couple years ive let go of being in bands, playing out and everything of the sort. Yeah I know alot must think..."why?!" But I got into new things and kinda put playing and or writing on the back burner. Now a dayss I can't even pick my guitar up let alonee write some good ol metal! Anyway, I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else, and if so, what you do to get inspired to pick it back up and start writing again? Any influences, inspirations, etc. anything will help!thanks
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What helped me was that I saw my old guitar teacher and he gave me stuff to learn. After a while, the inspiration just came back from learning new things.
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Learn a totally different style, like jazz or flamenco
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Smoke pot and jam. just whatever comes to mind. record it, and then play it back to yourself.

playing with other people helps too. record those jams too.
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I just stop trying and wait for inspiration. Sounds lame but I can't write anything good when I'm uninspired. But when I am, I can get a full song out in a couple of days.