Hey UG.

I know you're all sick of these kinda threads, but i'm really at a loss here.

I have 1000AUD to drop on my first amp. I'm after a bluesy/classic rock kinda tone. Think Jimmy Page/Josh Homme, but it also needs a beautiful clean channel to boot.

So i'm ready to go and spend a day trying various amps, but i have no idea where to begin. I know that i don't need anything more then 50-100w as i don't plan on gigging pretty much ever. Just not my thing.

So if you could ever so kindly recommend a few for me to try that would be oh-so muchly appreciated
Hahah, you've never played a 30W amp have you?
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i got a new Fender '65 deluxe reverb Limited Edition for $850. It is beautiful in the wine and tan color and is a blank slate for most any kind of music you want.
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Hahah, you've never played a 30W amp have you?

haha as a matter of fact i haven't! Should i be looking for something even smaller?

I like the look of the 'Vox' amps, but not so keen on all the effects i keep seeing built into them.

But then again, i really don't know what i'm looking for...
A 50W tube amp is excessive for a lot of clubs...

If you're looking to go tube you won't need more than 15W, assuming you want tube distortion. If you want to keep it clean you can pretty much get whatever wattage you want, but just know you won't be able to OD the amp without having shit fall off your walls in most cases.
We've dressed up in our best...

...and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.

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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

Thanks for your help dude. I like the look of the orange tiny terror 15w combo, it's in my price range, but without using it first hand, will it do what i want it to do?..
It's the second time in this thread you mention 'like the look'.
You're not buying an amp based on the looks I hope?

The AC30 and the Tiny Terror are two completely different amps.

Buy a good SS amp until you know what to look for.
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Go play everything you can and if you don't fall in love with an amp and buy it, tell us what you played and what you liked and didn't like about them. Then people can start suggesting better alternatives. Don't let any sales person talk you into buying anything either.

Try vox, fender, black heart, jet city, peavey classic series.

Stay away from Marshall mg's and line 6 spiders.
Page used Vox, Fender, and Orange. I'm partial to Orange myself. Normally I would suggest going for one of their 30 watt models but I think that's a bit beyond your budget so the TT combo is a good choice. If you can go used, however, you may be able to find a TH30 combo, AD30TC combo, or a Rocker 30 combo (discontinued) within your budget.

Other great choices are the Vox AC15 (new or used) or 30 (used) or a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb (used) + a good OD pedal like the Tubescreamer or Fulltone OCD.

Good luck. Remember to play everything. I don't mean to presume but if you aren't fully familiar with the differences between solid state, hybrid, and all-tube I suggest doing a bunch of research online before really diving in. Then go to your local stores and try out things by yourself - don't let the sales people try to sway you. And for the love of God, stay away from Spiders and MGs.
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A 50w tube amp is a lot, but if it has a master volume and a preamp volume you will be able to get a good distortion from it in most situations

not everyone wants teh distortions.

to the op, go to guitar stores, plug into amps, don't go near marshal mg or line6 spiders.

every amp you play, set the eq's to bottom, and then adjust each eq till you have a tone you like.

do that with every amp. randomly plugging into shit does nothing. you have to eq each amp, and then you'll find the amp you like.