I want to build my own guitar.

does anyone has experience or does anyone know where to buy that stuf.

I live in Holland so shipping can be expencive.
Check out Stewmac.com. Or, just google for guitar building supplies, plenty comes up.

What sort of guitar do you want to make? Hardware? Body woods? Make sure you plan every detail before you start, it'll save you making a balls up halfway through your build.

There seems to be quite a few builders on this site, so you should be ok if you get stuck.

When you start, good luck and do a project log on here, show us the juicy pictures!
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That would be entirely up to you, the builder. Model it after your favourite guitar, perhaps?

EDIT: How are you with woodworking? If you've not got much experience, there are guitar kits you can buy, which will make it a bit easier for your first build.
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the nice thing about building a guitar, is that you can build it to whatever YOU want, and also you can build it for whatever skill level woodworker you are.

if you dont want to try to make a neck, you can buy one and build a body. if you dont want to build anything and you just want to paint and put some electronics in, you can buy everything.
thats all up to you.
if you have no idea what you want, then it sounds like you may not have played for a long time, or at least not played a variety of instruments to know what suits you best.

in this case, you may build something and hate it, or be indifferent to it.
maybe for a first build dont spend a whole lot, just get a feel for building, then decide later what it is you REALLY want and go all out.

good sites to buy parts are stewmac.com, lmii.com, guitarfetish.com, and to save money on some parts, ebay is always good. i get a lot of stuff on there.
what color should i paint it?
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