I have some Dunlop Tortex TIII, Tortex Standard, Nylon Standard, Max-Grip Nylon Standard all 1mm here to review. My favourite is the Tortex standard and less favourite the Tortex TIII.

Tortex Standard: Like I said, this is my favourite out of these picks. Its doesn’t slide off the strings easily making it good for picking. The material it is made out of doesn’t flex to much and adds a nice heavy tone. It also isn't slippery like the nylon picks so I have good control over my playing.

Tortex TIII: These are pretty much the same as the Tortex Standards but have a sharper picking end. I don't like them to much though because of my picking technique as the pick slides off the string to easy when I'm playing fast. If you pick with your pick on an angle as I do, these probably aren’t the picks for you. If you pick straight onto the strings there shouldn’t be a problem with this.

Nylon Standard: I like the shape of these picks and they have good grip. It's a nice solid pick, but the nylon flexes more then the Tortex picks. I quite like this pick apart from the pick is slippery and I would need to get use to it to gain good control with the pick.

Max-Grip Nylon Standard: This is probably my next favourite after the Tortex Standard. It has good grip for people who drop picks easily while playing and a nice shape. Even though they are also made out of nylon they don't seem to be as slippery as the Nylon standards and I have good control with them. The only thing that makes this pick the runner up to the Tortex is that its not as stiff so flexes when I pick heavily.