Just a quick question.....Does the Small Stone nano sound as good as the Small Stone USA 'classic chassis?'
FWIW, the Neo ones are supposed to sound as good as the regular ones, but in the Nano size.
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Quote by Ichabod Crane
Just a quick question.....Does the Small Stone nano sound as good as the Small Stone USA 'classic chassis?'

TBH I havnt heard the classic but the Nano Electro Harmonix Small Stone pedal is awesome. Nice wet analog tones.
I have the nano and it sounds awesome. not played the origional though, but i heard there is a big volume drop with the origional, which isnt present in the nano.
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Thanks for all your replies. I already have a Phase 90 but I'd like a more 'swirly' phase like the original small stone has..... As it's almost impossible to try an original, I just wondered about the nano, certainly the demo's on youtube sound really nice. Thanks again.
Just as an update, I've just bought a USA Small Stone off ebay, and it is so much warmer and lush sounding than the Phase 90, which seems harsh by comparison. I guess both have their place. But it's good to have both to use as required. Who said greedy? lol
Although a moot point, here's info on the different versions with sample clips for comparison's sake:


Which version did you pick up? I have a USA Version 2 (reputed to be the warmest sounding) that me and the studio tech I work with modded to fix the volume drop and add true bypass and an LED.
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I'm not altogether sure. It's the EHX 4800, so I'm guessing it's version 4? Sounds really lovely though...
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