Crit and I'll definatly crit back!

EDIT: After receiving so much great feedback, I feel even more excited about doing another cover! So do you have any suggestions?
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This is great, your voice matches IM very nicely, at first I thought it was a guitar cover though and I was blown away by how exact it was but then I looked up, lol. But yeah, great cover man!

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Thanks for your comment dude! Appreciated! Your cover is awesome man. I like the the verse the most - good energy and very strong performance. Chorus is great too. My only criticism would be the "bridge" (The killer's breed...), which I think is a bit too "static" rhythmically. I'd like you to be a little more "free" in the part - like e.g. pushing some of the notes a little ahead of the beat. Still, great job, man!
Dude your vocals are bad ass! Sounds like Bruce a little but in parts you sound a little like Dio! Goods sutff
Thank you sooo much for all of the crit! Made me really happy actually and gave me an extra confidence boost!

Any suggestions on what I should cover next?

Oh and I gave crit back to all of you that supplied a link!