i plan on making a guitar and was going to make it a set neck.

i hear its a good thing to do but i dont now what the advantages and disadvantages are, any help?
Um, set neck is glueing the neck into the body. Advantages are that in some cases it sustains a lot better if the joint is made very well. Disadvantage is that you can't take it off so easily.
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arguably, and i would argue this, set necks are going to be harder to get just right if its your first build. i havent done one, but i dont think id trust myself doing it, at least with the selection of tools i have now which is very limited.

youve gotta get the angle of it just right, and its gotta be a snug fit in the pocket. if you have read up on how to accomplish these two things, and think you can do it, then go for it!
but as said above, once its on, its tough to get it off and adjust
argueably, a bolt on neck is a better joint if done properly than a set neck as there is no glue between the wood damping sustain, but the joint has to be tighter than an scotsman to actually beat set neck, but set neck is much harder to do for a first build
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