Basically i want to play in Drop A# on one of my guitars, but setting up my guitar for that would be a pain, so i was wondering if there's any sort of software / pedal / other shit or anything that can do this for me?

Any sort of feedback would be great thanks (:
i'm going to tell you now, mate - your signal will sound weak as shit. no matter how good the pitchshifter may be (and the morpheus is a great one), the lower you tune, the more dynamics you will lose. it's best to bite the bullet and set your guitar up properly with decent thick guage strings.
you can get a professional set up for less than $50, which would be cheaper and sound better than anything you could buy to fake being in drop a#.

just some food for thought

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Short answer: no.

Long answer: Yeah, but not really. Some pedals and devices claim to be able to detune in seconds, but really theyre a lot less lovely than they claim to be.

Either spend a few hours setting it up properly, or (seeing as you were willing to drop money for this "other shit") pay a tech to do it.
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I have a Morpheus Droptune pedal, I bought it because I was fed up with carrying another guitar to practice for just one song which is tuned to C standard. It's alright but doesn't compare to a properly set up guitar.
Gibson robot guitar?

Do what the rest of us do - multiple guitars. I have one in standard, one in drop D and one in open G.
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