Can continuous looping be set-up in Tab Pro? I can make a selection OK but I can only get it to play through the selection once. Then I have to take my hands off my guitar and hit the play button again, repeat. It would be nice to have it repeat continuously as I learn riffs.
It would seem a loop function would be built in to Tab Pro. That's the easiest way for me to learn lead guitar: highlight the first measure, slow down the tempo, get the first measure correct by looping it over and over. Add the next measure, and repeat looping and adding measures until you have the entire solo.

Simple and crucial but apparently missing from this product? Say it ain't so. I've tried selecting a measure with "shift+select" and then hitting the "L" in hopes this would achieve the loop but nothing happens. I've also tried highlighting the beginning of the loop and hitting "A" at the begining and then "B" at the end of the loop, but no go.

Doesn't anyone know if this can be done?? I like the program a lot and would like to remain a member but if there is no looping I may end my 3 day trial today.
i guess there is no looping, you haven't seen a answer in 5 months. What a stupid oversite on there part. I have the Android App and I can't even slow down the tempo. I bought it last night for $2.95
You are organising a conference where you will address a large gathering. Before the actual speech can begin, while the audience is settling down, you need a presentation to run in continuous loop. First the company logo appears, then the tag line, then the screen goes blank, then logo appears again, then the tagline and so on...

A similar example can be found in many multiplexes where they keep running the movie schedule in a continuous loop.

The question in front of me was how to do this. Before you read on to find out how I managed to crack it, think about how you will create this trick in PowerPoint.

The solution: To find out how to do it let us take a case. The logo will be of All About Presentations and there will be the URL coming below it. And this will be in a continuous loop (without any manual intervention).