I ran accross a brand new Seymour Duncan Blackout Ahb 1b for 40 bucks so I had to buy it. I have two EMG HZ currently installed on my Jackson, Im just curious if I can mix the two, SD in the bridge and EMG in the neck. Since the HZ's are passive and the SD are active would I have to do any drilling or modding of my dinky or will everything be pretty simple to install?
Would they sound good together? Or would there be an abrasive difference when I switch in between?

I have never installed pickups before so I figured that for 40 bucks I can give it a shot.

Thanks again guys, this forum is the closest thing to guitar tech school you can get. UG forum dudes rock.

you need to install battery for the seymour other than that change pots and your away
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Possible? Sure. Advisable? Probably not. The only way to be sure if you like how it sounds is to try it. As already stated, unless the instrument comes set up for actives, you are going to have to arrange for a battery (or two, depending on the setup). It might fit in the control cavity without any modifications.
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you get loads of problems if you mix them, seymour duncan specifically advise against it. it would be possible but complex
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Well active pickups function differently than passives. I think it would be possible, but probably more trouble than its worth. Just buy a full set. You should be fine fitting a battery inside your control cavity. With blackouts don't worry about the possibility of an 18v mod because it doesn't provide the same benefit as it does with EMGs.