Hello everyone, recently I've noticed while I've been jamming or just improvising in my room that my playing if very repetitive.
It's mainly just a hard rock type style and I find it hard to deviate from that.
Can anyone recommend some awesome guitarists that I could listen to to help take my playing in a new direction?
Listening to "awesome guitarists" i don't think will take your improvising all that far.
The best thing to do in my opinion would be to learn a buttload of theory.

That being said, learning theory isn't always that fun and can be extremely tedious and frustrating, which is why the majority of guitarists (including myself) neglect it.
Learning theory however is very important.
Well thanks for the advice

Do you know anywhere online where I could start to learn theory?
Or would it be best for me to get a teacher or some books?
"listening" to awesome players won't do any good. "studying" them would be massively helpful though.

Chuck in a handful of theory (especially try to understand why/how those pieces sound so good), and go for it.
call me ziggy.
Pick apart the styles of any famous blues, jazz, funk, etc guitarist. They shouldnt be hard to find, after all there is google, and even if you dont love the style youll pick up little licks and riffs that will if nothing else spice up your same old same old and make it more interesting
Just take some of the runs you've got, break them down and try introducing new notes , remove one's that you play too often. Mess around with the note arrangement, try some slides, bends etc... Also try invent loads of different runs using a set amount of notes (say 4 notes)

You could sit and study all these different styles all day but you'll only end up sounding just like another player & not individual. So be careful, and just analyse what it is you love about that style and apply it to your playing in your own way