I'm thinking of getting a new amp, one to replace both my gigging amp (Marshall 100MGFX) and my practice amp (Roland Cube 15X). Is there anyway i can get an amp up to £400-500 that could possibly do both? It needs to be loud and reasonably compact. I'm hopefully going to Uni next year so i'd probably bring it

Read the sticky. What genre's do you like to play?

Do you plan on jamming/gigging at uni? Lot's of my friends who are leaving are taking things like Pods with headphone jacks, and leaving their main amps at home.
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I mostly play Metal and a bit of Hard Rock. Yeah, I'm hoping to gig at uni, maybe find a band and get into the music scene at wherever im going, but i'll probably take headphones and stuff as well

The guitar i'll be using with it is an Ibanez S570B and i dont really want to use any pedals unless necessary.
Check these out:
Blackstar HT-20/40, or an Orange?
Peavey Viper/Bandit/Windsor? Bugera?

Come to think of it, Marshall DSL (iirc) combos go used for about £400 last time I checked

However, Id still recommend taking your Roland for the first term (headphone socket right?) until your flatmates know you, and until you need a larger amp. Uni rooms are tiny to start with, and big amps will piss everyone off.
call me ziggy.
+1 to earthisearthis.

Most people in your accommodation probably wont care about your guitar however it is worth emailing them before you go or taking the Roland for the first term just to be safe.

If you wait until you get there - and get your loans through - you may then be able to re-assess your needs based on the people you meet and the situation, musically, you find yourself in

EDIT: I just saw you said uni next year! In that case still take the Roland but sell your MG and replace it with a new gigging amp as those suggested above
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