I just got some new strings for my RG, it has a edge 2 trem(shut up its working fine) and locking nut. It came with 9s, I have had two sets of 10-52s slinkys on it, but now I bought elixir 10-46s unknowingly.I didnt even know there were two different sets of 10s. I switch back and forth between half-step-down and drop-d-flat alot and I am wondering if the lighter wound strings will affect tuning stability at all. Any experience with this out there?
from my knowledge, most 9 sets are 9-42. But, there are some other sets available, idk about many other brands, but DR strings offer a 9-50 set (Dimebag Signature, what i personally use). I do a lot of stuff in drop tunings, and because the lower strings are larger than standard, they hold up much better in lower tunings than 9-42 sets.