If you can please check out this instrumental ive been working on the past week
Its pretty metal sounding, I tried to make this as intresting as possible.
I recorded in through a Line 6 TonePort UX1 using the pretty basic software that comes with it called RiffWorks.


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Im struggling to name the track aswell so any suggestions are welcome


Ive now named the song and uploaded a video to YouTube, take a look
Warfare Scenes
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Hey, this song is nice! I'd name this song as 'Into the Infinite.' Nice work with the song! Keep improving!

that's a really good song, very catchy riffs in there, but it feels like it's missing a section for it to be complete. nice lead parts too, reminds of john 5/Marty Friedman solo work, good job overall, nice mixing too, although the snare drum seems kinda repetitive, I would like to hear the cymbals more too. congrats on the song though.

check out my song too
Thanks for the feedback guys, nice job btw keep it up had some great phrasing in there.

I uploaded a video of my track check it out: Warfare Scenes
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