Hey guys, I just finished my first original full recording, it's a instrumental rock track, influenced by the great guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and etc.

You can check it out on my profile it's the only song in there, I wrote it with my girlfriend in mind, I would like to hear other guitarists/musicians/people opinions on my music.

Runaway Crush

Also, I intend to do a video of me playing the lead part of it and posting it on youtube, I'll say when it's done.

cheers~ o/
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Hey man, I've had a listen and I think it's a pretty cool track. As constructive criticism, I personally thought that the beginning bit would have benefitted from some more legato based technique. I would keep the same thing you played, but I think doing it with pulls would make it sound a lot smoother because the pick attack is noticeable in that first section.

I'd also probably lower the sound of the lead guitar a little, or bring up the sound of the backing track because it's the only thing you can really hear, and with people like Vai and Satriani the backing is often as important as the lead lines. It is the interaction between the different instruments that make the songs great.

I think the strength of the song is well written and has tasty parts though. There are some really nice bits, and it has movement in the song, the different bits seem to make the song more dynamic as opposed to being a case of needing another part. You also have a nice tone and you seem to understand a need for not having to try and shred everything - that tapping section could have been a mess of notes, but you turned it into a lovely harmony.
Hey man, thanks for the compliments, and you're right on your criticism, the thing about the pick, I noticed after sometime I had mixed it, and it's there. And the part about the volume of the tracks, what happened actually, was that I raised the lead's volume so I could EQ it, and then forgot to lower it on the mix... but it's also there, I'll do a remixing later than post it too.