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When you log into UG, how far back into the forum pages do you go to check out threads? I used to go back up to the 4-5th page until I stopped seeing new posts but today I have decided to only check out the first three pages and to hell with the rest.
I click new posts and go back 2 or 3 pages if I'm really bored. It's how I browse any forum.
i dont even browser the forum, i just check the 4/5 topics that appear on ug frontpage :|
I usually go back to page 4 or 5 like TS.
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I click on the "new posts" link on the bar which has the control panel link. I usually don't bother going back.
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I just search my name to see where I've been quoted, then maybe check the front page.
I usually stick with the first page.
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usually just the front page. but it also depends on the activeness of the forum.

I stop at the front page

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I post in whatever thread I see and then go back and continue along the pages. Once im done with 3 pages, I go back to the front page and chill.
just the front page of the pit. I always read every page I miss of my stickies though, so that's enough reading

yesterday I read through over 30 pages of a thread
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I post in whatever thread I see and then go back and continue along the pages. Once im done with 3 pages, I go back to the front page and chill.

This thread was on the third page and I do pretty much what you said
Front page only, if it's not there I am far too good for it
I typically don't even finish the first page.
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I scroll through page one in between refreshing to see if there are new posts in my stickied threads
I check the 1st page from top to bottom multiple times. Like checking the fridge multiple times in hopes you missed something good.

And if there's nothing good, I'll go to page 2, but that's the furthest I really go.
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Well, I was on the 4th page when I found this gem of a thread.
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I never go past the first page. If there's no good threads on the first page I'll just play guitar instead.
Second or third page, if that. Unless i'm looking for a specific thread I will rarely leave the front page.
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first page
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1st and sometimes 2nd unless I search for a thread.
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