I'm looking forward to buy my first electric guitar. By some months i spend hours everyday searching and searching an ideal guitar. I love doing metal solos, Synyster Gates and John Petrucci inspire me. The guitar should have a whammy bar and maybe 24 frets too if possible but it's not that important. My budget for the electric guitar is 250 euros (250 euros without the amp and anything else). ok so far i've got to Epiphone Les Paul Special GT, but many ppl say IBanez is better. I don't really like Fender, no offense. As an AMP so far i've decided for Vox Mini 3 RG. Please help, i think i'll buy the guitar this Christmas. I'm not a noob who wants to buy a guitar and just throw it away in a week or something. I love playing it and i've got some friends playing bass and keyoboard, maybe soon we start a band (lol i get it, the amp isn't good enough for that but i'll fix later).
Thanks for patience, hope there's some helping hand out there...
Try to get a Ibanez s. They have the best trems for low prices.
so, if Im not mistaken you never owned an electric guitar, but you can play metal solos?

anyway rg350 is good and 370.
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