Hey All,

This is our song "Parallels" . It's the first track on our record "Oh, Hungry Earth". Our music genre is Rock. We like to infuse tight syncopated bass and drum patterns, energetic hardcore influenced rhythms with as much melody and atmosphere as we can pack in. We have multiple vocalists that interweave lead melodies. You can hear the song at a few places for your convenience:


If you like it we'd greatly appreciate your "like" "following" "friending" or frankly any support at all. If you would like to hear more from us I'll post the links below, some redundant.



Usually I come to these posts and hear something laughable that probably shouldn't be put out for public consumption at all, but honestly, I was surprised.

You guys are a very interesting listen. Nicely done.
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Only been browsing this forum the past couple days, but this is the first vocal that wasn't a scream and you (or whoever is singing) has a really good voice. Nice overall sound too, sounds like the kind of band I would listen to.
Thanks for your time guys. We're working on a new record now and trying to get the word out in any legit way we can.